Further With Ford 2013: Part 1

Further With Ford

Two weeks ago, fellow Gas 2 Susanna Schick and I went to Ford’s annual “Further With Ford” technology conference, where we were encouraged to engage Ford executives, Seth Godin, Steve Wozniak, and others about the future. Not only the future of Ford, but the future of technology and how humanity’s increasing connectivity would, could, and should shape the next generation of automobiles.

We caused much less trouble that you probably think we did. Maybe not much less.

In any event, you can check out my version of the events of Further With Ford 2013, as they unfolded, in the article below (originally published on Cleantechnica). Enjoy!


I Went To Detroit To Play With Ford (Part 1) (via Clean Technica)

This past week, I spent nearly 3 full days in Detroit on Ford’s dime, rubbing elbows with titans of industry, business-world celebrities, tech media, and (what could reasonably be confused for) a battalion of mommy-bloggers. To be honest, I wasn’…

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