Astrada is a Fast, Fuel-efficient Yacht That's Also Dead [email protected]#$ing Sexy

Astrada Superyacht

We’ve covered a number of “green” yachts here on Gas 2 over the years. While their various claims towards carbon-neutrality and general “green-ness” is often suspect, there is something to be said for this beauty here. She’s called the Astrada, and she’s an aerodynamic, high-riding yacht that positively screams “luxe”, don’t you think?

The Astrada’s hull is a classic trimaran design from UK-based John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs. It was built by McConaghy Boats over a period of five years, as an exercise in what was possible when “spare-no-expense” attitudes were directed towards lightweight design and streamlining. The trimaran shape Shuttleworth came up with keeps most of the boat out of the water. Keeping the bulk of the boat in the air dramatically cuts drag and allows for higher speeds than similarly-sized, single-hulled yachts – and with less fuel consumption!

Shuttleworth’s team writes about their creation, below:

We have undertaken state of the art structural analysis of all the major components in the yacht in order to achieve the light weight required for very low fuel consumption. The deck and superstructure is constructed from carbon fibre with Nomex honeycomb core, the hull is glass/kevlar foam sandwich and the interior is light weight oak cabinetry using honeycomb panels. To help reduce weight further, virtually every aspect of the boat is custom built. This includes carbon fibre hatches, toilets, portlights and ladders, which are all built specifically for the vessel.

Aerodynamics and hydrodynamics above the water line were carefully considered as we developed the overall exterior shape and we kept the boat streamlined both for air and water passing over the structure. The smooth seamless, unbroken surfaces also help to reduce weight as the outer-skin forms part of the structure to absorb torsional loads.

Now, I can already hear you asking: So, the Astrada is a well-designed, great-looking, superyacht that gets a few more MPG than its single-hulled contemporaries. Is that really worth an article?

I think, yes. Anything that’s well-designed, great-looking, super-ish, and gets a few more MPG than its conventional contemporaries is well worth covering. I hope you enjoyed it.


Source | Photos: Core 77

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