$1.3 Million House Comes With Free Tesla Model S Lease

Tesla-Model-S-frontThe housing market is supposedly recovering, but there are still plenty of gimmicks used to get buyers into the home of their dreams. In San Jose, California is a mansion for sale for $1.3 million, and it includes a free three-year Tesla Model S lease.

The home, in a highly-desirable area, also has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and is on a 9,147 square foot lot, but we’re most excited for the Tesla. Seriously, a million bucks for that little home? And the irony of owning a Tesla while living on “Koch” lane is just too much if you ask me.

Mohan Mahal, the seller said, is that it is meant to be an all-inclusive house tricked out with energy-efficient upgrades including LED lighting. The seller said that it is “completely energy-efficient”, and the Tesla Model S lease helps really push that point.

In California’s Silicon Valley, image is everything, and if you can afford a million dollar home, you can almost certainly afford to buy your own Tesla Model S as well. But perhaps we are arriving in an age where you don’t just buy a house alone, but instead buy all-inclusive lifestyle “packages” that include cars, memberships, and completely-networked lives.

Would the inclusion of a Tesla sway your home-buying choices, or is this just another gimmick?

Source: Green Car Reports

Nicholas Brown

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