Wireless Brake Light Video Uses a Sexy Estonian to Get My Attention

Velodroom Brake Light

Velodroom’s wireless bicycle brake light has no on/off switch. Instead, it uses a built-in accelerometer (g-meter) to detect when the rider is slowing down, which kicks on the 3 watt LED brake light. It’s a clever concept that takes the responsibility of signaling drivers off of the rider’s hand-signals (which take their hands off the handlebars) and one that the Velodroom’s designer, Indrek Rebane, claims is clearly visible from over 900 feet away!

Any new technology that helps make the transition from 2-ton metal cages to light, nimble 2-wheelers safer and easier, then, is right in line with Gas 2’s message … but what got the Velodroom brake light on my radar was its use of my favorite Estonian sex symbol in its ad: the Viks cafe bike.

Velodroom Brake Light on Viks
Hey, baby.

Velodroom is trying to raise the money to put its concept brake light into production through a Kickstarter campaign. It’s short of its goal, but there’s still a few days left to place your order and help the company get off the ground (depending on when this gets published). Check out the video, below, and if you’re sold on the wireless brake light as a must-have, head on over to Velodroom’s Kickstarter page and pledge some money.


Source | Photos: Kickstarter, via Bikerumor.

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