Video: Flying Bicycle Blows Our Mind

flying-bikeFlying cars were once the promise of the future, and the future has failed to deliver. But maybe we were too ambitious with our dreams of flying automobiles for all. Maybe we need to step back and start taking a simpler form of transportation skyward. Something like say, this flying bicycle, which made its debut flight at a Prague convention center. Shut up and take my money!

Created by three Czech engineering firms which formed a group called Design Your Dreams, six electric motors lift the 220-pound electric bicycle off the ground. For its maiden flight a dummy and remote controls were used, but Design Your Dreams is planning a production model that will be able to fly for between three and five minutes at a time. This is even cooler than the self-balancing electric unicycle.

Stuck in traffic? Turn your bicycle into a flying aircraft and get around that pesky congestion. Granted, it would be wildly difficult to actually, you know, drive, park, or use without chopping off an appendage. Oh, and what happens if you’re 100 feet up and the batteries run out of juice? Presumably, you fall to your death.

But as far as cool factor goes? Ya, we want it, even if it costs us a lot of money and a few fingers. Finally, us Star Wars fans can live out our fantasies of owning a real-life speeder bike.

Source: Wired

Christopher DeMorro

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