Hyundai Design Gets Weird, Predicts the Über Sci-fi Future of 2050

Hyundai Design Contest

Each year, Hyundai’s design center holds an internal contest for all designers to enhance the creativity of their design team and “keep them sharp”. This year, the goal of the Hyundai designer team was to preview mobility in the year 2050. From the results, it looks like peyote is going to replace corn flakes as a breakfast cereal around 2035 … see what you think of Hyundai’s handiwork.


Hyundai Personal Jetpack / Life-jacket

Hyundai Jetpack
You know you want one.

This is Hyundai’s vision of the Iron Man armor personal jetpack we’ll be wearing in 2050 as a life vest. The Hyundai designers responsible for this one insist the vest would be easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy to land – and it sure as f*** beats bobbing up and down in shark-infested oceans while clinging desperately to an airline seat cushion that’s been saturated with cabbage-farts over the past 2 or 3 years.


Hyundai Earth Mover / Gundam

Hyundai Earth Mover Robot
The star of Pacific Rim 2.

Officially called “the Bio-Rider”, this hulking beastie is built to work in the hostile, uninhabitable environments of the future. It’s stated goal is to make the area safe for humans to live and work in, but we all know its sole purpose is to beat the everloving s*** out of Godzilla, and- possibly, the murderous, radioactive brain of Madame Curie.


Hyundai Sailing Yacht / Ice Road Limo

Hyundai Sail Earth Racer
Ice-road truckin’ in style!

Looking for all the world like the ethanol-powered snow speeder that stormed antarctica in 2010, Hyundai’s North American-designed Ekranoplan-type sailing yacht uses advanced ground-effects to safely and quickly navigate the seven seas without using excessive fuel.


That’s my take on the Hyundai design challenge’s crystal-ball-gazing, but that’s hardly all of it. You can head on over to Motorpasion to see the rest of Hyundai’s 2050 models and get a better sense of what you can expect to be driving (sinking?) in 2050. Let us know what you think of these little design ditties in the comments, below.


Source | Photos: Hyundai, via Motorpasion.

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