Pike's Peak 2013 – Loeb Shatters the Old Record (w/ video)

Sebastian Loeb - Pike's Peak

America’s oldest and (arguably) most-exciting race took place again this past weekend, and the 2013 Pike’s Peak International Hillclimb did not disappoint. Sure, there are sections of the road that are paved now, but that alone doesn’t explain the quantum leap of performance than seems to have occurred between 2012 and 2013. Before we get to the electric cars from Yokohama and Monster Tajima and some of the alt-fuel cars, though, we need to take a moment and reflect on a single number: 8:13.878.

Eight minutes and thirteen-point-eight-seven-eight seconds is all the time it took for rally legend Sebastian Loeb and his 875-horsepower Peugeot 208 T16 hill climb special to climb the mountain. Alex Nunez, of Road & Track, did such a great job contextualizing this that I’mm just going to quote him, below:

To put just how absurdly dominant Loeb’s run was in perspective, consider this: Rhys Millen abused his previous record himself, ripping off a 9:02.192 in his Hyundai PM580T. That was the second-fastest run of the day and the second-fastest run at Pikes Peak ever; but it was still 49 seconds behind Loeb’s berserk record time.

So, massive hat-tip to Loeb and his Peugeot on their record-shattering PPIHC run. Here it that record run, below, in all its YouTube-y glory. If you want a more in-depth analysis of Loeb’s effort, head on over to Alex Nunez’ excellent Road & Track piece.


Source | Photos: Road & Track.

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