Lightning Motorcycles Beats Out Gas-Powered Competitors At Pikes Peak

lighting-winWhile a lot of focus has been on Sebastien Loeb’s incredible, record-setting run, alt-fuel fans have a lot to cheer for too. Not only did the EV class get a new record thanks to Monster Tajima, but Lightning Motorcycles beat out all the gas-powered competition with an all-electric bike. The results speak for themselves.

Ridden by Pikes Peak vet Carlin Dunne, the Lightning motorcycle completed the 12.42 mile course in 10 minutes and 0.694 seconds, very narrowing missing the nine-minute mark. While Dunne didn’t set a new motorcycle record, which many hoped for, he did beat out the 1205 cc Ducati Multistrada 1200 S ridden by Bruno Langlois, who came in at 10:21.

This marks the first year that an electric vehicle has outpaced its gas-powered competitors to win a class at Pikes Peak. Because of the thinner air at higher elevations, conventional engines struggle to make power. With the top of Pikes Peak breaking 14,000 feet, electric motors have an inherent advantage at higher altitudes, which is why most racers agree that EVs will eventually outpace both cars and motorcycles equipped with combustion engines.

It’s just a matter of time now for electric cars to catch up to electric motorcycles at the Peak.

Source | Image: Asphalt & Rubber


Christopher DeMorro

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