Fiat 500E Reportedly Sold Out

2013 Fiat 500eDespite feeling bullied into building electric cars, and complaining that each Fiat 500E built costs the Chrysler-Fiat alliance money, the news out of California for the Italian EV is overwhelmingly good. Having been on sale for just a couple of months, Fiat dealerships have gone through almost their entire allotment of Fiat 500Es for the year.

Priced at $32,500, the Fiat 500E is elibigible for both the $7,500 Federal Tax Rebate for EVs and California’s own $5,000 rebate, bringing the price down to just $20,000. If that is still too rich for your blood, for just $999 down and $199 a month, you can lease a Fiat 500E, which is proving to be the most popular option. The Chevy Spark EV offers the same lease deal, but is about $4,500 cheaper before rebates.

Sporting an 87-mile range, adorable looks, and access to a rental car program, the Fiat 500E is supposedly a $10,000 money sink for Chrysler. Even so, the popularity of the car in California, the only place it is for sale or lease, could cause the upper management to rethink their no-EV policy. Will Fiat crank up production, or is it a case of first come, first serve? Maybe a little exclusivity will drive sales even more?

Source: Wards Auto


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