Video: Norwegians Put Tesla Model S To Cold Weather Test

cold-teslaCan electric vehicles handle the often sub-zero of Scandinavia? That is the question a couple of journalists set off to find out, taking a top-of-the-line Tesla Model S sedan and attempting to drive 270 km, or about 167 miles from Oslo to Geilo. Will Norway’s brutal winter sap too much energy from the Tesla battery pack?

Ourr host is Stein Inge Stølen, who places a piece of tape over the range meter to make things…interesting. While the Tesla Model S with the 85 kWh battery is rated for 265 miles per charge, cold weather and hard driving can suck down a lot of energy, as the now-infamous Teslagate scandal showed.

Being a U.S.-spec car without the cold weather package, the Norwegians had to make the journey in -6 degree C/21 F temperatures. That isn’t the only challenge to driving the Tesla Model S in Norway though. Being a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the snowy, slippery roads can prove challenging to navigate, though not for our host. They show us how it is done in Norway, and throw in some powdery donuts to boot.

Stein finishes his journey with just 29 km, or about 18 miles of driving range left. Not a lot of range, but given how heavy he gets with his right foot, and the adverse conditions the Tesla faced, I think the car put on a fair showing. But what do you think? Are electric vehicles still too touchy for cold weather climates?


Christopher DeMorro

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