SNCF Transports Nissan Leaf For Free

leaf-trainSNCF is a European train company that offers multiple rail services, including an auto train service which enables people to travel with their cars on trains. Nissan worked with SNCF to provide Nissan Leaf owners the ability to carry their cars with them for  free in France. That should that whole “range anxiety” issue.

People sometimes travel out of their state or city to visit family for weeks, or maybe months at a time, but don’t want to have to pay an arm and a leg to ship their cars, or to refuel them, so they leave them behind for the trip and rent cars when they arrive. But driving a Nissan Leaf across the Old World is a slow process, especially with bullet trains that can cross the continent in less than a day.

“The experience is extremely relaxing,” Mark Nitters, a French LEAF owner told “You drop the car off before 5 p.m., and go for a nice dinner before boarding the train around 8 p.m. from Nice (or 9:30 p.m. from Paris).” Cost is comparable to driving in a gasoline car too, provided you book well in advance, and Leaf owners don’t have to pay an extra fee to have their Leafs shipped along with them.

As for those whose trips are out of the way of the railway, there are EREV, and PHEV vehicles. The free trip for Nissan Leafs is only valid for a one-way ticket between Paris and Nice. Apart from that, special rates are available for electric car drivers giving them preferential rates on return trips.

Source: Plug-in Cars

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