2014 Tata Nano Debuts, CNG Model Tags Along


Tata’s Nano is famous for being the least expensive new car you can buy anywhere, but sales haven’t been as strong as the company had hoped, so changes have been made to the highly-anticipated 2014 version of the Tata Nano to ensure that it’s more competitive against similarly priced used cars, and to make the car even cheaper (and greener!) to operate.

From a visual perspective, the 2014 Tata Nano is distinguished by tastefully-applied chrome trim and a new rear bumper with sporty mesh inserts. The new Nano can also be “optioned up” with four personalization kits that add features like a contrasting-color roof, body graphics, alloy wheels, and sporty-looking body kit. Interior changes include a new center console, twin gloveboxes, updated upholstery, “luxurious” soft-touch surfaces, and (this is the big one) an available 4-speak MP3 audio system with USB/AUX connectivity.

The big change for the 2014 Nano, however, is locate dunder the hood. The 38 hp, 624 cc gas engine is a carry-over, but Tata has added a new, bi-fuel 624 cc engine variant that can make up to 33 hp running compressed natural gas. The ability to switch between gasoline and CNG will help reduce harmful emissions from the cars, and also allow Nano buyers in developing nations added mobility. Of course, with natural gas being so much cheaper than gasoline, on top of that, it seems owning and operating a Nano has gotten cheaper, still. The updated 2014 Tata Nanos now start at a more expensive, but still ludicrously cheap (by US standards) $2500 (approx.).


Source | Photos: World Car Fans.

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