Any Estonian Cafe Racers Out There?

Viks Estonia Bicycle

When you think of a country that’s all about sexy curves and an unrestrained, almost sexual aggressiveness, Estonia is probably not what immediately comes to mind (sorry, Tiina). All the same, this cafe-racer-inspired bicycle from the mind of Indrek Narusk is an all-Estonian masterpiece that looks and rides like nothing else powered by your own two feetsies.

The bike itself, called the Viks, is made of relatively simple tube construction, but the magic is in the bike’s smooth bends and slick welds. There are a few clever features, too, that help the Viks stand out in a sea of other commuter bikes. For example, there is no “vertical” seat tube …


… which gives the Viks a sharp, visual distinction from the $100 Walget bikes that tend to clutter up the bike racks in front of exactly the kind of coffee shops you’ll want to impress college girls at. Or guys. Whatever, I’m not here to judge you (you sexy things).

The Viks also separates itself from the crowd with a unique front fork/handlebar assembly …


… those custom bars slide in at the front of the frame, and offer a low, clean look. They’re sharp, but don’t expect to bolt on any brake levers. As BikeRumor writer Micah Redfield puts it, “the Viks was clearly designed with the fixed-gear crowd in mind. Coaster brake hubs are also offered for those feeling a bit more chill.” I’m chill, apparently, because I’d go for the coaster brakes immediately.

What about you? Would you go for the coasters or are you a more hard-core fixie rider? Let us know – and, if you want to see more of the Estonian Viks, head on over to BikeRumor and check out their more comprehensive photo gallery.


Source: BikeRumor.

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