Bosch Offers Wireless EV Charger For $3,000

bosch-wireless-car-chargerBosch, a manufacturer of automobile components, has begun selling a wireless electric vehicle charging station for $3,000. Forget plugging in; now all you’ll have to do is park to charge your EV.

This wireless Bosch charging unit is a Level – 2 charger, meaning that that it operates at 240 volts and charges an electric car, and it adds 10-20 miles of range for every hour of charging.  Too rich for your wallet? Bosch also sells another Level-2  plug-in charging station that will cost you only $450, and is one of the cheapest chargers on the market.

If you can’t get into the routine of plugging your vehicle in every day though, then this wireless charging unit is for you. Unfortunately, at the moment, this charger can only wirelessly charge the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt.

Bosch also offers financing for any Bosch charging station. For example, you can put $0 down with no monthly payments for 12 months if repaid in full within 12 months. That will make the wireless charging unit a lot more affordable to be sure. But is the world ready to stop plugging in their plug-in cars?

Source: Bosch

Nicholas Brown

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