Video: Yokohama HER-02 EV Returns To Pikes Peak

yokohama-her-02While major automakers have invested literally billions of dollars into developing competitive mass-production electric vehicles, tire maker Yokohama has made its own EV investments. The Yokohama HER-02 has been competing for five years now, and this year the electric racer will be joined by a host of other EV competitors vying to be numero uno.

Literally a vehicle designed to showcase Yokohama’s eco-friendly “BueEarth-A” performance racing tires, the HER-02 set an electric vehicle record at Pikes Peak in 2010 and 2011. Last year the HER-02 set its best record yet, at 11:58. That’s a good time, no doubt, but Toyota’s P002 EV racer bested that time by more than two minutes, completing the 12.42 mile course in just 9:46.

Weighing just over 2,500 pounds and boasting 255 horsepower, this tubular-frame race car probably won’t be setting any new records this year. But I for one admire the moxie of Yokohama, a tire company butting heads with some of the biggest automakers in the world in an attempt to secure perhaps the most coveted EV racing record out there.

With at least seven other electric vehicles including veteran racers like Monster Tajima heading to Pikes Peak to compete later this month, it’s time to start picking your favorites. So who are you rooting for?

Source: Yokohama Tires

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