Tesla Motors To Demonstrate Battery Swapping Tomorrow

swappableElon Musk has hinted at battery swapping on future Tesla electric vehicles, but a tweet yesterday confirmed what many Tesla fans expected; battery swapping is coming, and soon. In fact, Musk promised to demonstrate battery swapping technology at a press conference tomorrow, but this news leaves us with as many questions as answers.

Project Better Place attempted (and failed) to build an entire business around battery swapping EVs, but Musk took an alternate route. The Tesla Model S was supposedly designed with battery swapping in mind from the beginning, but with production more than six months in, is the technology for battery swapping on current Model S vehicles? Or is this something only planned for future Tesla products?

Then there is the question of the location of battery-swapping stations. Tesla has already invested millions of dollars into installing Supercharger fast-charging stations, which take up relatively little space. But a battery-swapping station would be much larger, and I imagine a lot more costly to actually build and manage

Thursday night Musk will put on a live demonstration of battery swapping technology, and I’m sure more details will come to light then. Until now, let us ponder this most interesting of twists in the Tesla Motors saga.

 Source: Elon Musk via Autoblog Green


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