Not Recycled Hawtness: the Million-mile Porsche 356 Coupe

Million Mile Porsche 356

This is not one of our “Recycled Hawtness” series of posts on restored/updated cars, bikes, and RVs. Instead, it’s an article about a real survivor. A 50+ year old Porsche 356 that keeps on keeping on proves that the materials and energy we spend building tens of millions of new cars every year could probably be better spent elsewhere.

Scratch that. It can definitely be better spent elsewhere!

We’re all about green cars, clean tech, and alternative fuels here at Gas 2 – but you can cover all three in one fell swoop with one word: sustainable. The Porsche 356 you see here belongs to Guy Newark, of San Pedro, California, and has nearly a million miles on the clock.

Here’s the short version of Guy’s story, from Petrolicious …

Guy lives that gearhead dream of having his classics and driving them too-his 1964 Porsche 356C has been a daily driver for over forty years. His father bought the car from the dealership a month after its release, and it’s been in his family ever since.

This particular 356 stands as a testament to the reliability of Stuttgart’s engineering at the time, having run an indicated 980,000 miles. To put things into perspective, that’s approximately four times the distance from the Earth to the Moon. Over that time, it’s had three engine rebuilds, and not much else. That’s an average of well over 300,000 miles per rebuild! The 356C had its first transmission rebuild at 900,000 miles, and all that was required was to replace three bearings.

… Guy’s Porsche 356 car is definitely a testament to the Porsche’s reliability. It’s also a reminder that sometimes, in the mad rush to park the smartest, sexiest, and forward-thinking-est vehicle we can in our driveway, we can lose sight of how great hanging on to what we already have can really be.

Don’t expect me to sell my Honda any time soon, then, and head on over to Petrolicious’ excellent million-mile Porsche 356 photo gallery to see more. Enjoy!


Million Mile Porsche 356

Source | Photos: Petrolicious.


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