Diesel Hybrid Range Rover US-Bound?

Diesel Range Rover Hybrid

After six months of fretting and saying distasteful things about the decision-making acumen of Rover executives to Rover executives, it seems like American Range Rover fans needn’t have worried. Land Rover was saving something for us. Something even better than the diesel Range Rover. A diesel HYBRID Range Rover!

We’ve been lamenting the lack of diesel Range Rovers here in the US since- well, since we knew they existed, frankly! The high-MPG, high-torque, high-society diesel Rovers are hot-sellers in Europe, and their 37 MPG rating from the EU seemed like it would help Land Rover meet its ever-tightening CAFE requirements here in the US.

The diesel hybrid system in the concept Range Rover shown, above, uses a 3.0-liter V6 diesel backed up by a new ZF eight-speed transmission and an integrated electric motor. The 1.7-kWh battery pack sits below the floorpan, so interior room space isn’t overly compromised. At the time of its release, Range Rover quoted a combined 333 horsepower, a six second run from 0-60 mph, and over 45 MPG (again, per EU figures).

Land Rover is expected to launch US-bound production versions of the diesel-hybrid Range Rover at the Frankfurt Auto Show this September. No pure EVs are expected from Land Rover, as yet.


Source: Green Car Reports.

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