Video: Live Out Your Initial D Fantasies w/ an Electric AE86

Electric GT86

If you’re a car enthusiast of a certain age, then Toyota’s Sprinter AE86 (it’s pronounced “eight-six”, by the way) taught you that a quick-revving engine mated to a willing chassis, in the right hands, could beat anything else on the road down the mountain. We all wanted to be Takumi Fujiwara in Initial D, and we all wanted an eight-six of our own. Times change, however, and the cat-less, open exhaust of his tofu-delivery rocket is definitely not cool in 2013.

That Toyota Sprinter’s clean, angular bodywork and willing chassis? That stuff never goes out of style … which is why the all-electric Toyota AE86 you see here is very possibly the best of all possible worlds. He(ck), it even addresses the only legitimate gripe anyone ever had about the eight-six: low-end torque!

The eight-six may not have the classic curves of a 2000GT, but for the Gen-Xers out there, the Sprinter AE86 is the classic Toyota.

The car shown, above, participates in Japan’s EV-GP Series, a championship that gathers electric vehicles under the JEVRA banner in 50 km sprint races where drivers “must manage their electricity consumption while maintaining high performance and regularity”. So, eat more bran, I guess.

You can check out the video, below, to get a better sense of it.


Source | Photos: JEVRAJP, via TechVehi.

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