How Tesla Motors Outsmarted The Automobile Industry With Real Innovation

smarter-carAutomobile manufacturers have been repeating the same policies for years. They tend to buy existing parts from third-party manufacturers, instead of designing or building their own. This is one reason why cars have lacked originality for decades.

Tesla Motors (run by Elon Musk) then came along and flipped the script, bringing production for the most critical components in house. This seperated them from major auto makers, who turned to other technology companies to buy or license current technology, rather than developing their own.

Tesla designs and manufactures most of their own parts, though some less-important components come from suppliers. To top it all off, they are determined. They operated for years without turning a profit, and only recently has the money begun to flow. It is difficult to start out a new company, especially a new automaker, so success may not have happened without years of sheer determination.

It was a brilliant move to bring design in-house, allowing Tesla to implement both quality and cost controls. This is why the Tesla Model S isn’t just the best electric car, but one of the best cars you can buy right now, period. Designing and manufacturing your own parts enables you to innovate by building the parts around your new and improved designs. In other words, you can’t improve cars unless you come up with a new design yourself.

That is why Tesla’s battery packs are considered the best in the industry. By latching together numerous laptop battery cells, Tesla created a dense, high-energy pack in a (comparatively) small and affordable package.

Then there is the fact that buying a Tesla opens a world of service opportunities and access to free, often off-the-grid fast charging. The Tesla Supercharger network will soon cover most of North America, and anytime your Model S needs service, Tesla will loan you a fully-equipped Model S for the duration of the service.

Meanwhile, the rest of the car manufacturers also try to sell their cars with gimmicks. While BMW offers headlamp dimmers and rain sensing wipers (which are pointless because people will turn their wipers on, as they can’t see when it is raining), Tesla Motors offers free fast charging and a truly innovative, next-generation vehicle.

How do you feel about the manner in which conventional car manufacturers operate compared to that of Tesla Motors? Sound off in the comment section!

Nicholas Brown

loves attending and writing about/photographing events, and he writes on CleanTechnica, Gas2, Kleef&Co, and Green Building Elements. He has a keen interest in physics-intensive topics such as electricity generation, automobiles, refrigeration and air conditioning technology, energy storage, and geography.