Video: On-Board With Rutter And McGuinness At The TT Zero

ttzeroLast week Michael Rutter and John McGuinness battled to be the fastest electric motorcycle drivers at the Isle of Man TT Zero. Ultimately Rutter beat out McGuinness by less than two seconds, giving you an idea of just how close this race was from start to finish. And now we have the on-board footage from this daringly quiet motorcycle race.

It is amazing how fast and far these electric motorcycles have come in just a few years. In 2009, the fastest electric motorcycles couldn’t even break an average pace of 90 mph. At last week’s event though Rutter and McGuiness both averaged more than 109 mph, and reached speeds in excess of 140 mph on straightaways. That’s a jump of more than 20 mph in four years.

Taking place on public streets and narrow roads, the TT Zero is not a race for the feignt of heart. It is, however, one of the premier motorcycle racing events on the planet. McGuinness himself currently holds the outright lap speed record of 131.67 mph, a feat he accomplished on a Honda CBR1000RR.

But if electric motorcycles keep up their current progress, in another five years it will be an EV that holds the outright speed record, and we can’t wait for that day.

Source: Asphalt and Rubber

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