Toyota Starts Production of Auris Touring Hybrid

Toyota Auris

Production of the all-new Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid in Europe has begun. They will be manufactured in Toyota  Burnaston factory in the UK, making it the most versatile vehicle in Toyota’s European lineup with three powertrain options.

The Auris, positioned as a replacement for the Toyota Corolla hatchback, will be offered with a gas, diesel, and hybrid powertrain. Using the same powertrain as the American Prius, the Auris is rated at almost 75 mpg on the European testing standard, which works out to around 62 mpg in the U.S. The next-best powertrain, a 1.4 liter turbodiesel, offered up to 60 mpg, or around 50 mpg on the U.S. standard.

The Auris offers a number of sporty add-ons not available on the U.S. Prius, and quite frankly it looks a lot better too. According to Toyota, this model is the only one in its segment to offer the choice of a full hybrid-electric powertrain in addition to gasoline and diesel powertrains, giving it a wide range of versatility. So far Toyota doesn’t offer a single diesel engine in the U.S., though other automakers are hoping on board the diesel train.

Regardless though, this is one sharp-looking hybrid. Wouldn’t mind having a Prius that looked like that.

Source: hybridCARS

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