Moto Electra Completes Own Coast-To-Coast Electric Motorcycle Bid

moto-electraLast week Terry Hershner became the first person to complete a coast-to-coast drive on an electric motorcycle, but he wasn’t competing alone. The Moto Electra team, founded by Brian Richardson of Blue Grass, Virginia, completed their own cross-country electric motorcycle ride, though they did so with two  riders and a support vehicle.

Moto-Electra, which competed in a couple of seasons of the TTXGP with veteran racer Thad Wolff riding, is a bike designed around an old Norton Featherbed frame. THe Moto Electra team let Jacksonville, Florida on June third and arrived in Santa Monica, California on June 6th, about a day after Hershner completed his Santa Monica-to-Jacksonville journey.

Save for having to install some last-minute throttle components about midway through the journey, it went pretty much without a hitch from one coast to another. While Hershner was the first to complete the journey, he took six days (thanks to a blown motor) while Moto Electra took just three. Hershner had a more aerodynamic ride with an estimated 200-mile range, but the Moto Electra team brought along their own generator…just in case.

It was a close race, and both teams deserve major props for their EV endurance chutzpah. Who says going cross-country isn’t possible in an EV?

Source: Plug-in Cars


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