Elio Motors Named one of 2013's "25 Brands to Watch"

Elio Motors

Despite nay-sayers like me, Elio Motors is continuing its US tour (which began last month in Shreveport, LA) in a push for public goodwill and, it’s assumed, public money. That PR push seems to have convinced Brand Innovators that Elio Motors has a future, too! Elio Motors was named one of America’s “25 Brands to Watch“.

After that “We have suppliers!” press release, of course, I have a hard time taking any PR coming out of Elio Motors with anything less than a grain pound of salt, so I tried to find out what I could about Brand Innovators. A few Google searches didn’t net me much, except for a few Brand Innovators-owned websites that all had the same “About Us” section. I’ve included it, below, for lulz.

Digital media and the Internet are transforming the way brands must communicate and interact with their consumers. Evolving media vehicles, including online video and mobile advertising, location based marketing, social media, content marketing, and out-of-home media, are creating new methods for connecting with consumers, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

While the opportunities for engagement have never been greater, these new ways of interacting with the marketplace are, for the most part, a new science. More information is needed about what’s working and what’s not, measuring and analyzing data, and how much of your marketing budget should be getting allocated to interactive media.

The transition in media, from analog to digital, is accelerating and those brands which learn how to unlock the ROI in “real time marketing” will have a significant first mover advantage.

The Brand Innovators Summits provide brand marketers with best practices, case studies, and proof points, demonstrating how “best of breed” brands are leveraging electronic media. Attendees will hear first hand from client side CMOs, media directors, and brand managers about how they are reaping the benefits of digital media. From thoughtful panel discussions and workshops, to insightful keynotes from the most innovative leaders in brand management, our speakers will share their core strategies and tactics for creating winning online advertising and social media campaigns.

The transition in media, from analog to digital, is accelerating and those brands which learn how to unlock the ROI in “real time marketing” will have a significant first mover advantage.To achieve this goal, however, corporate cultures need to change and key stakeholders at every level of the organization need to “buy in” and embrace these new media platforms. Industry leaders need to provide their management teams with all of the resources, tools, and experience necessary to maximize the opportunities that the media revolution is presenting them with.

Brand management is undergoing a sea change, and the aim of Brand Innovators is to provide marketers with the knowledge and professional network they need to succeed in this exciting environment. The Brand Innovators Summits are the only “buy side” where we guarantee that you will learn what you are seeking most — directly from your client side peers!

If you were ever on an MBA track, I’m sure that whole mess will elicit peels of laughter. If you weren’t, then trust me: it’s exactly the kind of BS double-speak that Dilbert writer Scott Adams made a fortune poking fun at.

That said, maybe the guys behind Brand Innovators are way smarter than I am. Maybe Paul Elio is a lot smarter than I am, too, and his dreams to successfully market a $7,000, 80+ mpg (highway), 5-star safety rated three-wheeled car/motorcycle hybrid to mainstream America will become a reality.

For the sake of Elio Motors’ investors, I hope they do. For those of you keeping score, Elio hasn’t actually built any of these to sell for $7,000, the EPA has not rated a production Elio for emissions or MPG, and the vehicle has not received any ratings from either the NHTSA or the IIHS. For those of you still keeping the faith, here’s a video.



Source | Photos: Brand Innovators, via the Shreveport Times.


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