Video: Electric Mercedes SLS Sets New Nürburgring Record

Electric Mercedes AMG SLS

7 minutes, 56 seconds. That’s how long it takes Mercedes-Benz’ electric SLS to lap Germany’s legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife (North Loop). For a little context, that 7:56 time means the electric SLS quicker around the ‘Ring than the last Dodge Viper SRT/10, Cadillac’s supercharged CTS-V, Chevy’s C6 Corvette, and Ferrari’s 360 Challenge racecars … and it’s within a second of Caterham’s R500 Superlight trackday special.

Mercedes’ electric SLS is (in other words) stonking fast!

Perhaps, though, we shouldn’t be so surprised that the yellow electric beastie can navigate the Nürburgring so quickly. After all, Mercedes’ electric SLS is the most powerful car ever launched by the brand, delivering some 740 horsepower over 730 pound-feet of torque. When the tires aren’t overwhelmed by the car’s awesome power, they can help get the heavy car to 60 mph from a standstill in less than 3.9 seconds. (!)

There’s more to Mercedes’ SLS than brute force, of course. The SLS AMG Electric Drive (the car’s official name) features Formula 1-style pushrod shocks and carbon ceramic brakes, as well as a sophisticated torque vectoring system that arrives courtesy of the four-wheel electric motors, mounted to each wheel via an axially-arranged transmission design. AMG (Mercedes’ motorsports arm) calls this the “Torque Dynamics system”. It works, too – as evidenced by the 4700 lb. car’s nimble performance around the twisty Nordschleife!

Check out the video of the SLS’ production EV Nürburgring record run, below. There’s no word, yet, on whether the cancellation of Mercedes’ electric van program will impact the company’s future SLS Electric Drive production plans.


Source: MotorAuthority.

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