Team Green GT Gives up on 2013 LeMans

Green GT Garage 56

Team Green GT’s hydrogen LeMans program seemed to have a lot of promise when we first covered their efforts to field a fuel-cell racer back in June, 2011.

Back then, it seemed like Green GT’s open-topped race car would be fielded in the 2012 24 hour race at LeMans as part of the Garage 56 program for innovative new technology. As it turned out, 2012 was pretty much the year of the DeltaWing. Green GT was given an extra year to get ready for its star turn, but announced last week that it would, once again, not appear at LeMans.

Jean-François Weber, head of Green GT’s R&D department, summed up the team’s woes by explaining that “the Green GT H2 is already showing a great potential and its scope for growth is very important. However, the complexity and cost of this unique sample imposed some extremely rigorous testing method and very time-consuming procedures … The 24 Hours of Le Mans is an endurance summit and it seemed premature for the GreenGT H2 to take the climb.”

So, a year after Green GT was expected to enter LeMans, team Green GT isn’t ready to go to LeMans.

:: YAWN :: Someone wake me when they decide they’re ready – and that won’t be 2014. Nissan has already made noises about fielding an electric endurance racer for the 2014 Garage 56 entry … maybe the Green GT will be ready by 2015?

We’ll see.


Source: TechVehi.

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