Video: Banana Hammock + Bike = BananaHama Kickstarter


If you’ve ever looked at a cozy, comfy hammock strung up between a pair of thick palm trees and thought “Man! I wish that thing had wheels!”, then the people behined the BananaHama recumbent bicycle have something they’d like to sell you.

With a name that clearly echos the Todd’s banana hammock*, the BananaHama’s unique “hammock-style” seat is intended to gently coddle hammock your “banana”. The idea is that its superior comfort will overcome the additional cost and goofy, “look-at-me” styling to such a degree that you’ll pay for one of these over a conventional bicycle.

“Clever” naming aside, the bike’s makers do a fairly good job of explaining the BananaHama’s comfort benefits. They also see enough of a future with these things that they’ve built a prototype surf-board carrier, an “urban” model, and even kiddie-hammock bikes. You can check those out in the photo gallery at the bottom of this page. In the meantime, though, check out the BananaHama crew’s Kickstarter video, below … and let us know if it’s something you’d consider buying in the comments.


Source: BananaHama Bikes, on Kickstarter.

Jo Borrás

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