Sebastian Vettel vs. Renault Electric Cars


Watch three-time Formula 1 world driver’s champion Sebastian Vettel take to the track in a number of plug-in Renault electric cars, including the F1-inspired RenaultSport Twizy!

Why is this happening? Seb’s been shoved into these electric cars because – despite their potential for instant-on, drift-happy torque and the rapidly-escalating electric speed record runs – Renault’s EVs have a bit of an image problem. Regardless of who builds them, electric motors are still seen as the slower, dweeby-er cousins of internal combustion engines by many car-buyers. Nissan-Renault hopes to change that view, of course, because doing so means they’ll be able to sell more of their electric cars – from the single-seat, urban Twizy to mainstream offerings like the Nissan Leaf … and, if real racecar drivers like Keiko Ihara and three-time Formula 1 world driver’s champion Sebastian Vettel drive your EVs and say they’re actually fun? Well, I guess they must be fun, right?

That’s what Nissan-Renault hopes you get out of this, anyway. Check out the video, here, and let us know if you think Seb’s smiles behind the wheel of this fat-tired and be-spoiler-ed Twizy are genuine in the comments, below.


Source: RenaultSport

Jo Borrás

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