Third-Generation Tesla EV To Cost Half The Price Of The Tesla Model S

tesla-model-xWhile we already know that Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors plans to launch a cheaper electric car sometime soon, new details have emerged on what is being called the “Gen III” Tesla car. With a goal of getting these third-generation Teslas on the road by the end of 2016, Musk says that these cars should cost half what the Tesla Model S currently does.

If you’ve been keeping up with Musk’s musings, that means the 200-mile Jesus EV Musk says should arrive in 2016 or 2017 will cost half the $70,000 MSRP, or about $35,000. With the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit, that means the third-gen Tesla could potential sell for less than $30,000, while providing 200 miles of real-world range. This is the car that will supposedly make EVs truly mainstream.

The meeting mostly focuses on Tesla’s plans for expansion, which includes growing the Supercharger network and launching the Model S and Model X in Europe and Asia. Tesla will begin distribution of the Model S via the Netherlands, though no word so far on where Musk will launch Tesla out of Asia.

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This would be ahead of Bosch’s prediction that by 2020, most EVs will offer at least 180 miles of range per charge, and would give Tesla an edge in the market. Musk also talked up the next Tesla vehicle, the Model X SUV. Because of the low center-of-gravity thanks to the floor-mounted battery pack, Musk predicts that the Model X will have excellent handling, and he should know.

Musk is aiming to have the first Model X SUVs in customer hands “by the end of next year.” Big things coming from Tesla, though we still have no idea what it’ll look like yet, though Musk did reportedly get a little misty-eyed in the shareholder meeting where he discussed these goings-on. What a big softy, eh?

Source: Autoblog Green

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