Terry Hershner Completes First Cross-Country Trip On Electric Motorcycle

terry-hershnerThe first cross-country trip in U.S. history took months, and even after the invention of the automobile, it could still take weeks to get from one coast to another. With the dawn of the electric vehicle era comes a whole new set of records to make and break, and Terry Hershner just became the first man to drive from one coast to another on a pure electric motorcycle. Our hats off to you, Terry.

Hacking into his Zero S electric motorcycle, giving it a bigger 18 kWh battery, and adding some slick aerodynamic bodywork, Hershner and the Zero team were able to turn the 63-mile streey cruiser into a 200-mile endurance racer. Terry left San Diego, California last Friday at 1:40 in the morning, and the race was on.


And race Terry did, as another electric motorcycle team, Moto-Electra, with two riders, a custom motorcycle, and a chase-van equipped with a generator, attempted their own coast-to-coast journey. Despite having to replace a motor in Texas due to a loose sprocket bolt (which Terry takes the blame for) and solo-driving his custom street bike, Terry was able to beat Moto-Electra, arriving in Jacksonville, Florida last night.

Congrats to Terry on this impressive accomplishment. This journey took more than a little grit and determination. Welcome back to the Right Coast.

Source: Off The Grid

Christopher DeMorro

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