Tesla Loses Bid To Sell EVs In Texas

tesla-store-austinThe momentum behind Tesla Motors and Elon Musk may be slowing down. After losing its bid to allow the direct sale of EVs in Virginia, a Tesla-sponsored bill that would have allowed EV manufacturers to sell cars directly to buyers failed to make it to vote.

While Virginia is arguably an important market for Tesla, Texas is even more so; it is fast becoming a huge market for electric vehicles and green energy, while its population is huge, and growing. Texas is also a huge car market, and big on solar power as well; it would be an excellent place to install some of those solar-powered Tesla Superchargers. Despite even getting the backing of some major car dealers though, the legislation will now have to wait until 2015 to have another chance.

Alas, Tesla’s two Texas stores, in Austin and Houston cannot sell cars to customers. In fact, they can’t do much of anything except to tell people about the car and, if they want to buy one, to check out the website. So despite the growing popularity of electric vehicles in Texas, the failure of the bill to even come up for a vote means that while customers can order a car, they can’t take a test drive and have to arrange for third-party shipping. North Carolina may soon follow Virginia and Texas in a bid to ban direct car sales.

It’s a major setback for Tesla, no doubt, but can it stymie Elon Musk’s moxie? I doubt it.

Source: CNN

Christopher DeMorro

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