Peugeot's Onyx Diesel PHEV Will Be Tested At The Goodwood Festival

peugeot-onyxThe Peugeot Onyx diesel plug-in hybrid electric vehicle will race at the United kingdom’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, a hill climbing event in England. Equipped with a mid-mounted 3.7 liter, V8 600 HP HDi FAP diesel engine as well as an 80 horsepower electric motor, this plug-in hybrid is more than just a pretty face.

This hybrid car‘s body is constructed of carbon fiber, while the doors and fenders are constructed of polished copper. The brilliance of newly polished copper is truly amazing, though it will tarnish very quickly. Still, it’d be nice to see more raw materials used in supercar designs. This unique look really helps the Onyx stand out, even among other supercar concepts.

The six-speed transmission transmits power from the V8 engine to the rear wheels, and the HYbrid4 technology uses energy captured from regenerative braking to enhance the vehicle’s acceleration. With a power to weight ratio of 4.4 pounds per HP, the Onyx should provide plenty of performance. But will the French automaker dare to build it?

The Goodwood Festival of Speed has attracted all sorts of alt-fuel vehicles, including the Infiniti Emerg-e and the 1.0 liter Ford EcoBoost racer. With the Onyx onboard will other hybrid supercar concepts join the Goodwood field?


Nicholas Brown

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