Tesla Supercharger Network To Cover Most Of U.S, Canada By 2014

tesla-superchargerElon Musk has managed to keep Tesla Motors in the news, though the latest update might be bigger than previous speculation and rumor-mongering. By the end of this year, Tesla will install enough Superchargers to cover the needs of most U.S. and Canadian Tesla owners, and amazingly, these fast chargers will get even faster. No wonder Tesla stock is soaring.

The 90 kW Superchargers, some of which are solar powered and hence entirely off-the-grid, are currently located sporadically up and down the U.S. coasts. There are just 8 Supercharger stations right now, but by the end of June coverage will expand to 25 total stations, and by the end of the year most major metro areas in the U.S. and Canada will be linked via Superchargers.

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As though that wasn’t news enough, Musk also announced that the price of installing stations has gone down, while the charging capacity has gone up to 120 kW. This will add about three hours of driving time, or about 180 miles, in just 20 minutes of charging. While still not on par with gas pumps, the gap has closed significantly in a very short time, and suddenly the idea of a five-minute EV fill-up doesn’t seem so crazy.

With Musk promising free EV charging for life for all future Tesla customers, those of us who can’t afford the $70,000 Model S are eagerly awaiting Musk’s more affordable alternative, due out in the next few years.


Christopher DeMorro

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