Wired Drives VW's 261 MPG XL1 Supercar


The term “supercar” gets thrown around at Ferraris and Porsches all the time, but Volkswagen? It’s been happening a lot lately, thanks to the company’s 260+ mpg XL1 – a tiny, aerodynamic bullet of a car that’s redefining the term “super”.

Recently, Wired’s Autopia writers got a chance to step behind the wheel of Volkswagen’s XL1 in Germany – and discovered something about the car’s “form follows function” design principles almost immediately.

Those gullwing doors, which are thing to behold, aren’t there simply for visual drama. Because the seating position is so low and the passenger compartment is so narrow — the seats are actually slightly offset to maximize the cramped interior space — you need the added headroom to get in.

There’s a host of driving impressions and a high-resolution photo gallery of VW’s XL1 over at the original Wired article – it’s definitely worth checking out!


Source | Photos: Wired Autopia.

Jo Borrás

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