Video: Flat-pack Sandwichbike is Your Awesome DIY Thing of the Week

Sandwichbike Flat-pack Bike

If you can make a sandwich, you can build yourself a slick, wooden Sandwichbike – that’s the pitch from Dutch Sandwichbike designer Basten Leijh, anyway, and I want to believe him!

The Sandwichbike was introduced during the 2013 Salone del Mobile, with promises that the company will start producing the bikes sometime this year. Made from two wooden panels, this renewable-material and fully-recyclable bicycle was “inspired” by IKEA’s concept of flat packing products for home assembly to keep retail costs down.

Each flat-packed Sandwichbike ships like this …

Switchbike Flat-pack Bike

… so, as you can see, it can be shipped by good carriers like UPS and FedEx. The official PR angle says that “the fun will begin the moment the postman rings your doorbell”, but I’m a bit more petty than most, I think. For me, the fun will begin when I roll up alongside a pack of smug roadies.

Back to the actual point, then: everything you need to assemble your Sandwichbike is in the box (including the tools!), and there are less than 50 parts, total. Expect prices to begin at about 800 Euro, with the first bikes reaching customers sometime in October. Until then – enjoy the video!


Source | Photos: Switchbike, via If it’s Hip, it’s Here.

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