Volkswagen Retrofitting 250,000 TDI Diesels To Stop Destructive Misfueling


Car company bean counters have to make a lot of difficult decisions that make them unpopular with customers, enthusiasts, and journalists. But every now and then, they make a decision that truly makes sense. Volkswagen’s recall of more than a quarter-million TDI diesel cars to retrofit the fuel tank filler to prevent idiots from filling it was gas, rather than diesel is one such common sense solution.

Of course that assumes the bean counters aren’t to blame for cutting this preventative measure in the first place. Regardless though, enough customers are having a problem figuring out the difference between gas and diesel that Volkswagen decided to recall all 2009-2012 VW TDI models to install a system to prevent misfueling.

For those that don’t know, putting gasoline into a diesel engine can cause catastrophic engine damage, damage that voids the warranty and leaves the customer on the hook for repairs. While Volkswagen shouldn’t be expected to replace an entire engine because of idiot customers, it is probably hurting their publicity regardless.

The new filler neck will lock out the smaller gasoline pump, keeping people from ruining their brand new, very-expensive toys. Am I the only one who thinks it is sad that society has progressed to the point that people can’t even be trusted to put the right fuel in their cars? Sigh.


Christopher DeMorro

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