Renault Asks If Customers Want A Topless EV, Customers Respond “Oui”

renault-zoe-cabrioletThe European auto industry kind of really sucks right now, and EV sales are far below analyst expectations. Still, there is a lot of enthusiasm for EVs in Europe, and when Renault asked its Facebook fans if they’d like a cabriolet version of the Zoe Z.E. electric car, those potential customers responded with an overwhelming “Oui oui!”

The post began with a reposting of a Zoe Z.E. cabriolet rendering done by a Spanish fan, which showed the cute little EV sans its roof. The Zoe slots between the neighborhood electric Twizy and the larger Fluence sedan in Renault’s all-electric Z.E. lineup, and even I have to admit it is quite cute.

There currently aren’t any EV convertibles offered, save the $100,000 Tesla Roadster, and there is likely a good reason for that. Convertibles are heavier and require additional, non-essential electronics, both of which will affect the range.

But the cool factor of having a quiet electric car with the top down and nothing but the sound of the wind in your face sounds romantic if you ask me. Romantic, and very French. Would you rock a droptop electric car?

Source: Renault

Christopher DeMorro

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