Daimler And Ford Exchange 3-Cylinder Engine Tech

ecoboost_2Are three-cylinder engines the future of automobiles? These tiny motors have certainly gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, with companies like Ford leading the charge on turbocharging and downsizing. This has intrigued Mercedes, which has shared some of its own fuel-saving technology to get a closer look at Ford’s three-cylinder EcoBoost engine.

This is at least the second tech alliance between these two companies. Earlier this year Ford and Mercedes joined Nissan in an alliance aimed at producing and selling an affordable hydrogen fuel cell car by 2017. The technology exchange gives Daimler a look at Ford’s award-winning three-banger EcoBoost, which reps called “interesting” and “impressive.” You don’t say?

In return, Ford is checking out Mercede’s stratified lean-burning gas engines, which already meet the strict Euro 6 emissions demands. This technology exchange should benefit everyone, though Mercedes is arguably getting the better end of the deal, as the Ford three-cylinder engine is a big hit in Europe already. That is thanks to its great fuel economy, with over 60 mpg in the U.K. Focus, while still delivering a healthy 123 horsepower.

Apparently, three-cylinder engines are a big hit with the engineering crowd. Quite the shift from the gas-guzzling V8s that dominated roads just a decade ago. Makes one wonder though if Mercedes and Ford aren’t getting a little too comfortable…

Source: Automotive News

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