TommyKaira Reborn as Electric Sex Machine (w/ video)

TommyKaira ZZ Electric

Japanese tuning firm TommyKaira became a household name thanks to its radically styled ZZ sportscar and its prominence in Sony/Polyphony’s GranTurismo series of video games. Recently, however, the go-fast wizards at TommyKaira have found a new way to push the performance envelop and stay relevant to modern automotive technology. They’ve built an electric ZZ.

TommyKaira ZZ E
Also, it’s a convertible.

TommyKaira’s new electric sports car was developed in conjunction with GreenLord Motors, a company based on the Campus of Kyoto’s University with a former Sony President at the helm. The car, itself, promises stunning performance, thanks in part to a stiff chassis that weighs just 850 kg and is propelled by a 305 hp, 300 lb-ft electric motor from 0-60 mph in just over 3.9 seconds.

The new TommyKaira was officially launched in April, but the first of the promised 99 unit production run just left the factory, it seems, at a price of 8,000,000 yen – about 78,000 USD, according to Google. If the car’s performance in Sony’s videogames was any indication of real-world performance, then, this could be one of the great performance car bargains of the decade!

You can check out the early prototypes for the new TommyKaira electric roadster in action – and production of the roadster, itself – in the two videos, below. Enjoy!

Source: TechVehi.

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