Infographic: Number of Bicycle Commuters Skyrockets

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If you live in a major city, then you don’t need to do much research to know that bicycle commuting is on the rise. You might be surprised by just how quickly the number of bicycle commuters is rising, however. From 2001 to 2009, the number of bicycle commuters more than doubled, from 1.7 million to more than 4 million. Since 2009’s recession? The 2009 + years make 2001-2009 seem like slow growth years.

Gas 2’s stated goal is to keep you up to date on a world that’s no longer about oil and gasoline, but things like bicycles (which use no fuel), motorcycles (which use less fuel), and electric/bio-fuel cars (which use different fuel). Things, in other words, that will take the focus of the world’s economy away from cars and oil. Over at our sister site, Planetsave, their thinking is a little more focused: what’s good for the Earth is good for us. Those guys do it best, so I’ve decided to share their original “bicycle commuters” article, and keep my usual snarky-ness to a minimum. Enjoy!

Bike Commuting Skyrocketing, Especially In “Bike Friendly Communities” (via Planetsave)

Here are a couple reposts from Bikocity. The first documents the rise of bike commuting in the US, especially in “Bicycle Friendly Communities” and 10 key cities. The second repost is about how Bicycle Friendly Communities are evaluated. Check them out: Where Bike Commuting Grows Fastest (Infographics…

Source: Planetsave.

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