Bike Nutters, Rejoice! Your King is Back With the Beachtrike!

Nils Ferber Beachtrike

Even though it’s just a set of renderings at this point, I believe in this side-by-side Beachtrike concept that promises ecologically sustainable bamboo construction along with a human-powered and “couples-friendly” design and a flexible, “naptime” canopy that actually looks pretty useful.

It’s not totally unlike designs for HPVs we’ve seen here before, but this is different. It’s not vaporware. It will happen. I believe. The reason I’m so sure that this fat-tired Beachtrike will be a thing can be summed up in two words: Nils Ferber.

Two years ago, Nils Ferber brought us the EX – an bonkers, electric drill-powered reinterpretation of Jake Rockwell’s Wild Weasel Centurion armor that firmly established young (I assume he’s young) Ferber in the pantheon of truly deranged magnificent bike nutters. Back then, I wrote that “Nils Ferber has gone from total anonymity to right near the tippy-top of my list of people I will let on my spaceship when the planet explodes,” and I stand by every word.

If you don’t immediately remember Nils’ EX, CLICK HERE to take a look at it again. I’ll wait.

Pretty cool, huh?

If the kid can go from conception, to final design, to completion on something as utterly bats*** awesome as the EX, then I have to believe that something like this bamboo Beachtrike – which I could actually see having some commercial viability for beach hotels in resort towns – will get just as built. Nils seems to see the potential of the design, too:

The Beachtrike was initially designed for the Belgian coast town Knokke-Heist. This area of the Baltic coast can boast with rambling open beaches and pristine dunes. But despite this beautiful landscape most people seem to prefer the crowded sections just across the boulevard with their batteries of canopied beach chairs. The conveniences of rentable beach furniture, cafés, restaurants and short walking distances seem to overweight the allure of a real nature experience.

To encounter this contradiction, I designed the pedal-powered Beachtrike for Two as a tool for people to get off the beaten path and explore the beach independently. The design features two reclining beach chairs, a folding draught shield that doubles as sunshade and storage nets for a day’s need of gear and provisions.

Strolling along the beach this way will be a relaxing, active and fun experience and a true change to your daily routine in the city.

You can take a look at some of Nils’ Beachtrike renderings in the photo-gallery, below, but you should definitely head over to Nils’ site and start pestering him to get this thing on Kickstarter.


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