U.S Attains 100,000 Plug-In Vehicle Milestone!

nissan-leaf-lotThe number of plug-in vehicles in the United States has finally exceeded 100,000 units, according to Plug In America. Next step; one million plug-in cars!

This is an estimate, so it isn’t precisely 100,000, and the person that purchased the 100,000th vehicle is not known, but, it is still an important milestone. While it is well short of the 1 million plug-in vehicle goal set by President Obama for 2015, the advancement of electric propulsion technology has picked up its pace not just in the past five years, but even more so in the past year, and things really are heating up.

With cars like the Tesla Model S and Ford C-Max Energi rolling off of assembly lines, customers now have more plug-in car options than ever. Costs are also going down, with the Nissan Leaf dropping over $6,000 off of its MSRP, while other EVs like the Fiat 500E offer attractive lease deals. So not only are there more plug-in vehicle options, but they’re more affordable than ever.

While that 1 million EV goal still seems very far away, if plug-in vehicle sales continue to take off, maybe we’ll get there after all?

Source: Plug In America

Nicholas Brown

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