GM Prepping CNG-Powered Chevy Impala?

cng-impalaCompressed natural gas, or CNG, may be the fuel of the future here in America. Vast untapped resources of CNG are only now being exploited, and automakers are responding with a limited offering of CNG vehicles. Spy shots suggest that GM could be prepping a CNG-powered Chevy Impala for either fleet or public sale.

GM already offers a CNG-powered pickup and van, but thus far has stayed away from the passenger car market. But GM has big ambitions for the new Chevy Impala, including flipping the rental fleet sales from 70:30 to 30:70, helping retail sales and public perception. But fleet owners tend to love CNG vehicles, though infrastructure remains an issue.

Besides the obvious CNG badge on the back of this Impala, it also wears a different engine cover and exhaust tips. Right now GM is probably studying the market for such a vehicle, though hybrids and diesels seem to be the cars of choice right now for those seeking fuel efficiency.

If GM dares to build a CNG-powered large sedan, it could help this alternative to oil gain a foothold in the skeptical U.S. market.

Source: Motoring Journal

Christopher DeMorro

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