Gran Turismo 6 Hasn't Forgotten Tesla, Hybrids (w/ video)

Tesla Model S in Gran Trurismo 6

The latest installment of Sony’s flagship Gran Turismo racing sim has certainly come a long way since my days of playing GT2 on a Playstation (not even a PSOne, even) in the USAF tech school dorms. GT6, which Sony swears will be ready for sale this holiday season, promises incredibly realistic graphics and driving physics that are sure to make enthusiasts happy – but the biggest questions surrounding any GT release is always this: what cars are in it?

We don’t have a full list, yet, but we do know that the tail-wagging Tesla Model S sedan has made the cut!

You can check out the big Tesla’s Gran Turismo debut in the GT6 game trailer, below. As for how realistic the big sports sedan will “feel”, it’s too soon to tell. How competitive the Model S will be, though, should be a bit more predictable.

You can check out the official Polyphony/Sony trailer, below. Enjoy!


Source: Sony, via Motorpasion.

Jo Borrás

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