Mitsubishi Returning To Pikes Peak With Two EV Racers

mitsubishi-ev-racerIt has been a rough few years for Japanese automaker Mitsubishi, especially in regards to their cheap electric vehicle, the i-MiEV. But Mitsubishi hasn’t given up yet, and they are determined to prove how awesome EVs can be, which is why they’re returning to Pikes Peak with two dedicated electric race cars to challenge Toyota for racing supremacy.

While last year’s electric Mitsu racer was loosely based on the i-MiEV, these new ones are race cars through-and-through. They’ll have to be to challenge the refreshed Toyota P002 electric racers, which currently holds the EV title for Pikes Peak.

The Evolution II EVs will get upgraded aerodynamics and a lighterweight to help them in their hillclimb. Two electric motors, one at the front and one at the back wheels, will help propel the Mitsubishi, though power ratings are apparently under wraps for now. Mitsubishi will be competing against not just Toyota, but privateer teams like Drive-eO from Latvia.

It’s shaping up to be a big year for EVs at Pikes Peak. Who are you betting takes home the title of fastest electric vehicle on the mountain?

Source: Mitsubishi

Christopher DeMorro

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