GM Engineer: Chevy Cruze Diesel Travels 900 Miles On A Single Tank

2014-cruze-clean-turbo-dieselAccording to one GM engineer, a Chevrolet Cruze Diesel was able to travel 900 miles on a single tank of fuel. That translates to 58 MPG, and all it took was driving 5 mph under the speed limit. This is a great achievement, but, was it exaggerated?

The diesel-powered Chevy Cruze has an EPA rated fuel economy rating of 46 MPG highway. However, owners of other diesel-powered cars, like the Jetta TDI, regularly report over 50 mpg despite a rating of 42 mpg highway. That is almost 20% better than its EPA rating,  so using that same math,  56 or even 58 mpg is not out of the question for the higher-rated Cruze Diesel.

The General Motors engineer, Tessa Baughman, said she drove 5 MPH below the speed limit on a visit to Arkansas and was able to get 900 miles on a single tank. Even on the way back home with traffic, she still got more than 800 miles to a tank, around 51 mpg. This isn’t your typical hyper-miling, just going a little slower than usual, something that improves fuel economy on every kind of car.

Diesel car sales have been going up, so the Chevy Cruze Diesel could be the right car at the right time for GM. Americans have typically shied away from diesel cars, but it is hard to argue with hybrid-like fuel economy.

Source: Green Car Reports

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