NASRA's 2013 Scooter Drag Racing Season is On Now!

2013 NASRA Drag Racing

The 2013 season of North American Scooter Racing Association drag racing kicked off this past weekend, and the NASRA gang is gearing up to deliver some great fun, all season long … just like last year!

A lot of NASRA’s typical scooter trash usual suspects were in attendance at Sunday’s event (as you can see from the pictures, below), as well as NASRA ringleader and glorious inventor of the nacho cheese fountain Jeremy Hall, who’s been featured on Gas 2 before as a bona-fide expert on making buzzy little scooters go faster than Henry, Lee, and God intended for anything on 10″ wheels to go. You can check out his view of the event, and some of my favorite race weekend photos in the gallery, below.

If that’s not enough ridiculous, go-fast, scooter action for your Wednesday, though, definitely check out the full photo gallery via the NASRA link at the bottom of this page.


Hello again race fans,

We are back again for 2013 to bring you more exciting scooter race action. This round was like you would expect spring in Indiana to be. Sunny, windy, soggy, and chilly. Morale was high as it’s always good to see your race fam again after a long winter. Brown County Dragway made some investments in their timing system this year making it much easier to see the race results.

Big thanks to our out of town guests! Ben Wenzel Jr., Team Kryptonite, and Jim & Nick Stampfel, Violent Peds, drove at least 6 hours (one way) each to attend. Angie, as usual, rode all the way from Cincinnati. Making the trek in the chilly spring air less than a year after hip surgery. DANG!

The usual suspects were also there, including the reigning points champion John Chew. Along with Jeff Wilmington of Sockpuppet racing looking to real in some points early. Wes Valbert came out with his family to watch him put down some consistent passes to take the win, nice job Wes! Mike Florek ,Impetus Racing, had a mechanical issue early in the day but we look forward to having him back again next round. Skipp Eacret ,Antisocial R/T, put down some good times on his Zuma but just couldn’t edge out the win.

I have to say this round’s King of the Hill was one of the most exciting races we’ve seen all season. The guys really brought their A game and it showed on the track. Don’t let their modesty fool you, these guys came to win.


Source: NASRA.

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