Michael Czysz Forced to Miss 2013 SES TT Zero

Michael Czysz (not Marc Marquez) testing the 2013 e1pc last week. Photo courtesy of MotoCzysz.
Michael Czysz (not Marc Marquez) testing the 2013 e1pc last month. Photo courtesy of MotoCzysz.

I don’t want to write this, but with Cancer, the more people who know, the more a person can get prayers and healing thoughts sent their way. Which can often be more powerful than chemotherapy, actually. Michael Czysz, CEO, founder and genius behind the curtain at MotoCzysz, will have to miss the 2013 TT to undergo cancer treatment. The TT isn’t something one just misses because they have the sniffles. It’s more than a way of life, it’s as important to motorcycle racers and hardcore fans as a trip to Mecca is to a Muslim. So this is serious.

When I broke 8 bones last April, I had a friend write “May 31” on the white board in my room, as my healing goal. That was the date I was set to fly to the Isle of Man from Los Angeles. All I needed to do was get on that plane. There was no way I was gonna let a shattered pelvis stop me from watching the greatest race on Earth. I wish Cancer could heal as easily as broken bones. Please keep Michael Czysz in your thoughts and look forward to his return to the Isle of Man next year, and for many years to come.

The MotoCzysz bikes are ready to roll, and Rutter and Miller will be racing them. But Michael will have to sit this one out for the first time since he started campaigning the races back in 2009. If you haven’t seen Charge, please do, as it portrays the challenges the Czysz team went through so well. After seeing that film I had the honor of meeting a lot of the people in it, and I felt it portrayed them very accurately. And if you’d like to know more about what MotoCzysz has in the works, read the piece from my visit to their headquarters last month.

Press Release Follows:


Portland, OR USA –

It is with a somber heart that we report, Michael Czysz, CEO and Founder of MotoCzysz, will not be able to travel with the team to attend this year’s Isle of Man TT events. He has very recently received a medical diagnosis requiring immediate treatment and will take all steps necessary for recovery. In his absence, the team will unveil arguably the best MotoCzysz equipment ever designed, and go for a fourth consecutive SES TT Zero victory.

With 20% more energy and handling capable of rivaling any motorcycle, Czysz and team have created what they believe to be the best eGP motorcycle in the world and capable of an astonishingly 110mph lap (avg. speed from a standing start) around the 37.73mile TT course.

“The 013 models are the best electric motorcycles that MotoCzysz has ever built.” says team principal, Michael Czysz. “I cannot wait for Miller and Rutter to try them! My only wish is that I could be there to see and hear their responses.  I am also sad that I cannot see the many people that have ended up being so important in my “TT life” from organizers, press, stewards, tech officials, marshals, to other teams and riders, even restaurant owners.  I had planned to attend/participate in the TT every year for the rest of my life,” said a heavyhearted Czysz.

“However, the team is very well prepared and the bikes, which have performed almost perfectly for 3 years, are also ready,” stated Czysz. “I will be plugged in and watching as if I was there.  I will order up a big plate of chips, listen to the boys on the radio and my team on the phone, watch the computer and have a magnum of Champagne chilled just in case.”

Michael Czysz will remain in Portland to undergo treatment to combat cancer but vows to return in 2014.

Godspeed to our riders, Miller and Rutter and Godspeed, Michael Czysz.

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