Video: SRI EV1 Off-Road Buggy In Action At Mexican 1000

ev1Last week the annual Mexican 1000 off-road race drew competitors from around the world seeking to prove that their trucks can handle the rough desert of the Baja peninsula. Joining these competitors for the first time was an all-electric dune buggy, the EV1, built in conjunction with the Strategic Recovery Institute and EV West, and we’ve got the video to prove it.

This was the first-ever all-electric race car entered into a sanctioned off-road race, and hopes were high for the SRI team to deliver the promised performance. And for a race that normally sees half the competitors drop out prior to finishing, the EV1 did remarkably well, making it through 7 or the 8 stages before having to call it quits. While finishing would have been even better, for a first-timer, that is quite respectable, and driver Jeffrey Smith managed to take 25th place overall.

More importantly though, when comparing times to those who did finish, it is clear that the EV1, while slightly slower, is just about on par with its gas-powered competitors. Not bad for a pure EV race car and its first time out in the dirt. We hope the SRI/EV West team brings the EV1 back out for next year’s race, and perhaps even the Baja 1000 this November.

For now, enjoy this video of the EV1 in action.


Christopher DeMorro

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