Tesla Model S “Performance Plus” Improves Range, Handling

tesla-model-s-roadIn many ways, the Tesla Model S is a car unlike any other, from the way it drives to the way it is sold. Yet in other ways, it is very much embedded in the traditions of the auto industry. Taking a cue from more established companies, Tesla is rolling out a new performance package that, for $6,500, will add mileage and improve the handling of the all-electric sedan.

Called the “Performance Plus” package, Tesla had hinted that new models of the Model S would be coming. There was even talk of an improved suspension package a while back, which has clearly made the cut. The Performance Plus package adds, upgraded stabilizer bars and bushings and wider rear tires, which Tesla claims adds 6 to 12 miles of range.

The package is only available on the 85 kWh model, and will set you back $6,500. Sounds expensive, but Tesla engineers reportedly borrowed a McLaren MP4-12C supercar to learn how to improve the suspension on the Model S, and this seemingly simple suspension package reportedly took a lot of trial and error to improve.

But Tesla also claims this is one of those rare packages that improves handling and efficiency. A bold claim, but so far Tesla has managed to defy expectations in more than one way. My question though is when do we get an all-wheel drive Tesla Model S?

Source: Tesla Motors

Christopher DeMorro

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